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4th Curtis is the Twin Cities’ premier all-trans band and all-SJW dance troupe. It was founded by Lex Noens (voice, guitar, songwriting) as a solo project, then buoyed by Maddie Curtis (drums, women) and hijacked by Ty Gale (voice, keys, production) in late 2015. Since banding together, 4th Curtis has introduced the Midwest to cr*pplepunk with the 2017 release of their debut album I Won the Pageant, gained an undying love for each other, landed 2nd place for City Pages 2017 “Minnesota’s Best New Band” and gained an undying hatred for each other. Catch them slowly fermenting curly fries into their next EP in a bedroom studio near you!


lex noens

vocals & guitar


the year was 2010, and the time of day was evening. lexington shot up in bed, summoned a telecaster, and strummed the

b-flat chord heard around the world. songs began to flow from their fingertips like elixir from a crocodile's tear ducts, and the rest is history. now they prowl the streets of msp, desperately searching for some decent A/C.


  • alden penner

  • the cribs

  • metronomy

  • deltron 3030

  • abba


ty gale

vocals & keys


ty is a hitchhiker's guide of useless knowledge, a nebulous cloud of information that fogs up your glasses when you try to read it. their sheer hatred for music, art, words, and every other method of oral and visual communication has driven the rest of the band to new standards of quality and unprecedented levels of frustration.


  • mitski

  • janelle monáe

  • florence + the machine

  • hot chip

  • bobby mcferrin


maddie curtis

drums & lesbianism


madeline, an infamous member of the "girl drummer" cult, was sent to earth from gay trans heaven with three simple goals in mind: join 4th curtis, keep mommy and daddy from fighting, and pursue tall women. she got sidetracked by lasting obsessions with professional wrestling and sonic the hedgehog, but she made it here eventually.


  • the kinks

  • bernard purdie

  • frank zappa

  • twinkle park

  • stevie wonder