4th Curtis 1 (2019)
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4th Curtis 2 (2019)
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4th Curtis 3 (2019)
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4th Curtis 4 (2019)
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all photos © 4th Curtis, taken by Kaytee Callahan

full-res versions available here


4th Curtis is the Twin Cities’ premier all-trans band and all-SJW dance troupe. It was founded by Lex Noens (voice, guitar, songwriting) as a solo project, then buoyed by Maddie Morley (drums, women) and hijacked by Ty Gale (voice, keys, production) in late 2015. Since banding together, 4th Curtis has introduced the Midwest to cr*pplepunk with the 2017 release of their debut album I Won the Pageant, gained an undying love for each other, landed 2nd place for City Pages 2017 “Minnesota’s Best New Band” and gained an undying hatred for each other. Catch them slowly fermenting curly fries into their next EP in a bedroom studio near you!

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